Minnesota Community Care is a SAFE SPACE

For Immediate Release

SAINT PAUL, MINN. — Because it is our mission to provide health care for all, Minnesota Community Care would like to clarify events that took place at our La Clinica location in June. It is our intention to ensure the accuracy of this story and to acknowledge the distress inaccurate reports have contributed to within our community. Please help us to share that we have always been and remain a Safe Place to access health care.
On an early afternoon in June, two US Marshalls arrived to the La Clinica parking lot. Upon arrival, Minnesota Community Care staff greeted them and asked for an explanation of their intention and a warrant. Staff quickly identified that the officers were US Marshalls working on a federal case. The two US Marshalls worked cooperatively and calmly with Minnesota Community Care administrators. The US Marshalls addressed one man who cooperated and was later released. No Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) were present at any time at La Clinica. Inaccurate information spread quickly on Facebook and other social media sites. These tweets and posts were not accurate. They do not represent actual events. Please help by sharing accurate information with those who may have been misinformed.
Minnesota Community Care deeply understands the distress this false news evoked in our community. We would like to speak to our community loudly and clearly and say: you remain safe to access health care here. Please allow us this opportunity to offer our heartfelt advocacy for you and your families here and abroad. Minnesota Community Care deeply understands our social climate today and offers you a Safe Place. You have rights. Our staff at La Clinica and our other clinics are trained to understand and act on behalf of your rights. Patient education materials are available at all our locations, including those in your neighborhoods, schools, shelters and public housing communities.
The mission of Minnesota Community Care is strengthening the well-being of our community through healthcare for all. We envision a community in which all people have access to exceptional, comprehensive health care and live healthy lives. Minnesota Community Care provides affordable health care driven by compassion and respect. Minnesota Community Care is a Safe Place for all to access health care. We welcome you. We support you.