Strengthening Community Health Centers Round Table

Representative Betty McCollum (DFL, MN District 4) to host a round table discussion with the Honorable Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi, Lieutenant Governor Peggy Flanagan, Minnesota’s Commissioner of Health Janet Malcolm, and leadership from United Family Medicine and Open City Health Center.
Discussion focused upon how Congress, State and local government can help support equitable access to health care by strengthening Community Health Centers.
In the words of Reuben Moore, CEO, Minnesota Community Care, “Federally qualified health centers are the rock, paper and scissors to disrupt health disparities in our country. Each health center represents a foundational rock in every community where 200,000 Minnesotans and 28 million Americans rely upon for access to comprehensive preventive care services. We wrap around our communities like paper and provide a plethora of enabling services to support the social determinants of health that gravely impact all communities. We cut down barriers to health access and significantly reduce the total cost of care across all populations we serve. We exist at the intersection of public health and clinical care delivery and we need more funding to support our efforts.”
The mission of Minnesota Community Care is to strengthen the well-being of our community through healthcare for all. This work is made possible through a combination of federal and state funding streams aimed at supporting health care for the under- and uninsured.
“It is a joy to join Congresswoman Betty McCollum, who is such an outstanding champion for working families across America, and so many friends in Minnesota for this critical conversation about protecting every American’s access to quality, affordable health care,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi.
“Community Health Centers provide vital services to the patients they serve and are the front line of our health care system,” Rep. McCollum said. “Partnering with state and federal leaders, we all have a part to play in strengthening Community Health Centers.”
“We need to address the health care challenges so many Minnesotans face every day, including a lack of comprehensive coverage, and community health centers are a critical part of that work,” said Lieutenant Governor Flanagan.