Q and A – RFP for Qualified Vendor to Provide DEI Services

Answers to questions received by Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 4:30 pm

RFP response deadline extended to February 7, 2020 5:00 PM – See Updated RFP

1. Is the $200,000 budget ceiling annual or over the course of two years?
The proposed budget should not exceed $200,000 over the life of the contract (2 years). It is at the vendor’s discretion how they build out their budget to meet the deliverables described in the RFP.

2. What types of D&I related organizational assessments (if any) has Minnesota Community Care conducted in the past? Employee engagement assessments? Cultural audits? Focus groups? How recently? The organization has not completed an organizational assessment specific to diversity, equity, and inclusion recently. Assessments completed recently include: a) Orgametrics assessment, Q4, CY2017; and b) Health Center employee engagement survey administered by Midwest Clinicians Network, Q4, CY2019

3. What types of D&I training (including training on cultural competence, unconscious bias and/or Trauma Informed Care) has Minnesota Community Care conducted in the past? How recently? The entire staff participated in an unconscious bias training in October, 2017. Two cohorts (n=25-30) completed a 12-month trauma-informed care training (October, 2018-October 2019).

4. From reviewing your RFP and website, it is apparent that Minnesota Community Care has approximately 400 employees. Could you provide a breakdown of your employees by position and location? Specifically, how many employees are senior leaders (executives, VP’s, directors, managers or supervisors)? Could you also provide a demographic breakdown of your employees – possibly by sharing a recent EEO-1 report? Our 400 employees are spread across 18 different service delivery and/or administrative sites.
Using defined UDS categories, our total FTEs (as reported in 2018) break down as follows:
– Medical, SUD, and Vision 36.4%
– Dental 12.2%
– Mental health 7.2%
– Pharmacy 4.6%
– Enabling services 11.5%
– Quality, Other Programs 1.6%
– Facility & Non-Clinical 26.5%
Our leadership teams are comprised of:
– 5 executive leaders
– 6-7 medical leaders
– 15 senior leaders (directors)
– 30-40 managers/supervisors

5. Could you provide a breakdown of your medical providers by location, professional background (MD, NP, PA, APP, RN, LPN, behavioral health) and medical sub-specialty? (Peds, OB-GYN, Family Medicine, Internists, others) Pending; not immediately available.

6. What types of formal training (if any) have your providers had on cross-cultural medicine, global medicine, etc? The all-provider cohort has not participated in formal training on these topics recently.

7. Aside from a general overview of the race, income levels and insurance status of your patients, what else can you tell us about your patients demographic characteristics? Does Minnesota Community Care collect Race, Ethnicity and Language (REL) data on its patients? (If so, could you break down your patients by race and ethnicity in percentage terms?) What % of your patients are LEP and what are the dominant languages that they speak? What percentage of your patients are immigrants, refugees or foreign born? What percentage of your patients are LGBTQ? (Do you currently collect SOGI data?) Do you serve military veterans? Deaf and Hard of Hearing? Others? Please refer to our 2018 Annual Impact Report. Additional information on our patients is publicly available through our annual UDS report submitted to HRSA; you can access our 2018 UDS data through the UDS Mapper.

8. Does Minnesota Community Care have a preferred budget format in which you would like proposals to lay out the costs? No.

9. Our experience shows that 5 years is a very long plan. Organizations mature and change in many ways, including racial equity. Goals and visions will change over such a long period of time. Is Minnesota Community Care open to a 3-year plan? Yes.

10. Regarding the Equity Dashboard – does Minnesota Community Care have an internal platform that will host this or is that something that you would like the chosen vendor to build and manage? The organization has previously used VisAnalytics to build out health care quality dashboards. We welcome recommendations from vendors for the appropriate platform to use for an Equity Dashboard.