Health Care Leadership

Our CEO and Senior Leadership

Reuben Moore, MBA, Chief Executive Officer
Blake Darsow, CPA, MBA, Chief Financial Officer
Chris Singer, MAN, CPHQ, Chief Operating Officer
Paige Bowen, Chief Advancement Officer
Treyce Gladney, MBA, Chief of Staff
Sarah Maier, MD, Medical Director (La Clinica)
Jo Pineda, Site Administrator (La Clinica)
Allison Warford, MD, Medical Director (East Side & McDonough)
Kathryn Long, Site Administrator (East Side)
Helene Freint, Clinic Manager (McDonough & Health Care for the Homeless)
Laurel Gamm, Medical Director (Health Care for the Homeless)
Erica Drake, Lead Nurse Practitioner (School-Based)
Shawna Hedlund, Program Director (School-Based)
Brad McDonnell, DDS, Dental Director (Dental)
Lois Berndt, Clinics Manager (Dental)
Sonja Batalden, CNM, Director of Perinatal Care
Kathleen A. Culhane-Pera, MD, Medical Director (Quality and Research)
Lynn Janssen, Director of Nursing
Linda Dick-Olson, Director of Behavioral & Mental Health
Dirk Killelea, Chief Pharmacist
Kris Sarkilahti, Director of Technology & Business Continuity

Board of Directors

Zachary Hylton, Chairperson
Hlee Lee, Vice Chairperson
Cordell Hardy, Treasurer
Andreatte Hames, Secretary
Marsha Cressy, Member at Large
Roman Cress, Member
Jorge Lomeli, Member
Bill Thompson, Member
Carol Williams, Member
Cordell Hardy, Member
Amelia Hardy, Member
Krisa Ryan, Member
Alejandra Lemus-Rivera, Member
Summer Abdalla, Member
Janet Zastrow, Member
Rudy Dufour, Member
Alejandro Diez, Member