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Toni Estis, CNM

From a young age, I have found myself fascinated with pregnancy and birth. It was when I was able to support my sister in labor and be present for the birth of my nephew that I knew I had to do some form of birth work. I love caring for women, so I eventually started my journey through nursing and ultimately became a midwife. There was definitely some ancestral influence in the natural appeal of midwifery and I’m honored to pay homage and carry forth the work. I knew I had to serve a diverse population of women, from various backgrounds, therefore I knew MN Community Care was the place I needed to be.

I value providing well rounded, respectful, and safe care for women through shared decision making and evidence-based cases. The most rewarding part of this work is partnering with women and being with them as they move through incredibly intimate times in their lives.

In my free time, I enjoy travel, lazy beach days, sunshine, reading and spending time with my husband and two daughters.