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Celebrating Julie Mosca’s 40 years at Minnesota Community Care

Since 1981, Julie Mosca has been a critical force in Minnesota Community Care’s growth, uplifting health equity through a variety of managerial roles. She began her 40-year organizational tenure at Humboldt High School’s School-Based Health Center. From there, she made leaps and bounds for the community by spearheading the opening of 10 School Based Health Centers and training and supervising over 80 School-Based Medical Assistants. 

In response to deep health inequities in Minnesota, Julie founded the Community Health Access Team in 2018 and managed its programming and staff as a Community Liaison until the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. 

Following the onset of the pandemic, Julie set up and coordinated Minnesota Community Care’s operations at the Ramsey County COVID Respite MaryHall and Boys Totem Town, providing care to dozens of individuals experiencing homelessness who contracted COVID-19. In early 2021, as the FDA granted Emergency Use Authorization for COVID vaccines, Julie coordinated Ambulatory COVID vaccine teams at La Clinica. Under her direction, La Clinica administered 14,763 COVID vaccine doses. Through a similar effort, Julie supported Minnesota Community Care’s expansion into Farmington, Minnesota, by managing COVID vaccine teams to offer weekly walk-in clinics at the new clinic site — serving as the “first presence in this community.” 

Since September 2021, Julie has worked as a Renewal Services Case Manager, a transition based on her own family’s struggles with addiction. Julie speaks about her children, David and Rachel: “their lives guide me in every decision and direction in my life.” With intention, Julie is embarking on the next chapter of her career at Minnesota Community Care. 

Looking back on her 40 years, Julie has opened, staffed, and operated a dozen clinics, hired and supervised over 100 staff, managed multiple teams, coordinated community events, and worked with countless clients.  

“I am in constant gratitude to Minnesota Community Care,” says Julie. “It’s allowed me to continue my journey over these 40 years — I had a ‘5-year plan’ in 1981 that changed and evolved every 5 years to provide variety and opportunity for growth.” 

In Julie’s “other hours,” her health advocacy and community-mindedness are evident. She is active in the Down Syndrome Association and the Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance in order to support her family and friends’ health. She’s also passionate about good food. “To me food is fuel, medicine, and an expression of art and love,” says Julie. Her appreciation for the arts expands into music and theater. 

Julie’s passion and energy for holistic community health is crucial to Minnesota Community Care’s work. “I am grateful to have had good work to do with good people for the betterment of our good community,” says Julie. 

Thank you Julie, for your incredible perseverance and leadership!