If you are having an emergency dental issue call 651-602-7500.

UPDATE 5/13/20: Governor Walz has issued a new executive order regarding dental care. Therefore, over the next weeks, we will be phasing back our dental operations. Our phase one focus will be restoring basic dental services to treat those disorders that if left untreated could result in negative impact on a patients overall health. During this time, dental hygiene services will be limited to emergency periodontal concerns. We hope to offer full dental hygiene services soon.

We believe that dental health is critical to overall health, and we provide comprehensive dental services such as preventive, restorative and emergency care. Our Bright Smiles Program is for children under the age of six, because we believe that an investment in these lives can shape the health of future generations. Our staff is diverse, caring and committed, with nine languages spoken.

Woman Dental Hygenist with female patient St. Paul

Locations Served

Our Dental Providers

  • Nicoleta Agrigoroae Bolos, Dentist
  • Simona Awiszus, Dentist
  • Thomas Loper, Dentist
  • Ranae Maas, Advanced Dental Therapist
  • Robert McDonald, Dentist
  • Brad McDonnell, Dental Director
  • Ifeoma Okeke, Dentist
  • Steven Price, Dentist
  • Amber Walker, Dentist

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(651) 602-7500

You may make an appointment by calling (651) 602-7500.
If you need access to our 24-hour Careline, please call (612) 333-2229.

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