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Sonja Batalden

Pregnancy is an amazing time of change – in our bodies, our feelings, our priorities, our families and our whole selves. This magical window drew me to midwifery 25 years ago. Along the way, I have learned there are many magical windows throughout people’s lives. As a midwife, I am honored to walk along with someone throughout their lives, learning together how to be our best whole and healthy selves – inside and outside of pregnancy.

The second thing that drew me to being a midwife is that you get to do amazing things with your hands – catch a baby, feel a dancing, growing belly, support someone through a hard transition, place contraception or even repair a laceration so it looks just right. I love using my hands and this is a “hands-on” job.

As the practice director, I also get to think on a community wide level. How can we better address the many inequities that impact people’s lives and well-being? How do we create safe spaces for people regardless of immigration status, racial grouping, gender identity, language, education or economic status? These larger and complicated questions engage my mind and heart on a daily basis.

These passions fit right into the things I love to do in the rest of my life! I love doing all things with my hands from textiles, to gardening, cooking and community art. I love to walk, explore and hike – in my neighborhood and around the world. Walking with people and sharing their stories – at work and at home – makes my world go round.