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Sandy Naughton 2020 Brad McDonnell Commitment to Care Award Winner

Minnesota, 25th February, 2021– Sandy Naughton, a health education manager with Minnesota Community Care, has been awarded the 2021 Brad McDonnell Commitment to Care Award, which recognizes exceptional impact by healthcare workers in their communities.

Every day, healthcare professionals at Minnesota Community Care dedicate their lives to going beyond the call of duty to provide underserved communities with the best possible healthcare services.

The annual Brad McDonnell Commitment to Care Award was established in 2019 to honor the legacy and impact of one such professional, Dr. Brad McDonnell. The Award seeks to acknowledge individuals who embody the Minnesota Community Care cultural norms and demonstrate dedication to community care. Consistent advocacy for the provision of the best possible care for all patients is also recognized by the Award.

Sandy Naughton is a nationally recognized leader in health education. Her 40-year career is akin to a colorful tapestry woven with breaking of new ground and a resounding response of yes to challenges encountered along the way. Starting off as a childbirth educator, Sandy went on to co-author the curricula on sex education in Minnesota. She has extensively toured the country, training educators and lending her voice to the drive for expanding comprehensive sex education in schools.

Shawna Hedlund, Director of Health Access and Advocacy remarks: “I could not be prouder that Sandy has won this prestigious award. Her values-driven, pioneering approach to healthcare in Minnesota communities reverberate in communities across the state and the country at large.”

“I am deeply honored to have been recognized by the Awards committee. Serving my community has been the hallmark of my career as well as the opportunity to work alongside and grow with some phenomenal healthcare professionals,” Sandy says.

Minnesota Community Care envisions a community in which all people have access to exceptional, comprehensive health care and are equipped to live healthy lives.