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Letter from our President & CEO

A letter from our President and Executive Officer regarding recent organizational challenges and the loss of a respected leader in our organization:

In recent weeks, Minnesota Community Care (MCC) has experienced significant challenges, including property damage at our two largest sites and the sudden and devastating loss of our VP of Finance, Boakai Dorley. We recognize that these unforeseen events have shaken the organization and its leadership. However, we have also seen our organization’s capacity for resilience. Recognizing this admirable strength and resilience, we also want to hold space for concerns and questions that staff may have. We are also taking this time to grow as an organization and a team, improve our processes and provide proactive solutions to future needs.

Our focus is two-fold: 1) to take care of the socio-emotional well-being of all staff by ensuring seamless access to our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and 2) to sustain essential business, including critical operations and core business lines.

I encourage you all to ask for help, offer each other grace, prioritize self-care and their individual work/life balance and raise concerns or questions to HR and Leadership as we continue navigating these difficult events.

Our hearts and minds continue to be with the family of Boakai Dorley. Please visit the link below for more information on how you can support his family during their time of mourning. https://gofund.me/6815ff70